Into the jewel school, Monroe eye-opener. In the past only know very expensive natural stones, in addition to a magnificent charming colors, she did not understand the mystery. After studying mineralogy, Monroe learned gems forming conditions is extremely special complex. Most of their high melting temperature of magma from deep underground tens of kilometers, these hot slurry from the underground to the earth’s surface upwelling along the crack, after cooling becomes hard stone. In this process, only some of the elements slowly crystallized into a hard gem or jade, and their formation time very far away from us. Deep underground formation of these stones, only partially due to the influence of crustal movement was brought to the earth’s surface for people to exploit, with the continuous exploitation, gemstone reserves will become increasingly scarce, the price of the most expensive natural key is, where Liu Monroe also learned a lot of gem identification skills. For example, diamond is the hardest natural material substance, diamonds can characterize any other gems, but any other gem diamonds do not move but had scored. You can also use the standard hardness characterization, where the hardness is less than 9 degrees are fake diamonds. Diamond also has a lipophilic, such as with a pen to draw a line in the diamond surface is a continuous straight line, while the other gems were interrupted lines are intermittent. In addition, you can also 10x magnifying glass, magnifying glass at 10 times, most diamond flaws can be seen, there is a triangle of growth pattern, surface diamond has fire light red, orange and blue and other colors. Shine. The most accurate and reliable method is to use thermal conductivity meter, the measured thermal conductivity data to distinguish between genuine and fake diamonds in 1998, Liu Monroe finally got a diploma with honors. At that time, the strength of Shenzhen Fu Xin jewelry to school recruitment company, out of the annual salary of up to 60,000 yuan, five places as much as 100 people took part in the competition. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the core content of the assessment is to identify the authenticity of the jewelry. Repeated eliminated last only 10 people, they began to be identified for a number of high-end jewelry. Before five, after Liu Monroe, who identified were jointly recognized as the real thing. When the identification of the first six, but it caused a great controversy. Many people think that this shiny colorful gems, is a superior product, but I did not expect Monroe stunned, saying it was no doubt a fake! She explained: This looks shiny gem though very nice, but its inherent texture but duplicity, gentlemen, please look at the third floor gem, that there very heavy shadow, that is, we often say that the luminosity loss this point if directed simply do not see the sun, only to be found in the shadow! I never thought voice hardly ever sit Several old appraisers on it applauded the rich examiner seats Xin After work, Liu Monroe do find a qualified jewelry appraisers, far from as simple as your own imagination. With natural stones, for example, only there are more than 20 kinds of common, they are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, opal, tourmaline, and so on. Liu Monroe worked for this company, both special gem processing plant, and management of imports from South Africa, gemstone jewelry. Appraisers task is based on its weight, color, clarity and cut state standards for each grade division conducted a gem and accurate market valuation. Then issue a certificate of authenticity (usually labeled detection number, name jewelry, including inlays and the total weight of the carrier, including, photographs and jewelry appraisers names, etc.). Appraisers are responsible for their own jewelry TESTED. This line can be described as the least bit wrong, sweeps clean, a little carelessness will bring to the company a great economic loss usually can use a variety of instruments to help, fairly easy easy. However, during the time the bulk of the jewelry trade, generally not with the instrument. Master told her, did not experience a joke by others unprofessional small thing, especially when the foreign purchase, once the other person that you are a novice, fierce bidding or intentionally defective it out! Monroe said, silver and platinum can weigh weigh a hand out, but synthetic diamonds and cubic zirconia are very similar; and ruby ​​red glass only from the outside and is almost impossible to tell, but feels a little glossy ruby ​​identify some of these things are needed professional experience. She witnessed, when purchasing an appraiser will buy a piece of jewelry valued at 130,000 yuan, in fact, only the value of 20,000 yuan! According to the guild regulations, the loss can only be deducted from his salary part inside. So, every transaction, the master who all live in fear, in perpetuity!

Liu Monroe frankly, she also had a fool experience. Once, a Shenzhen auction house to ask her to identify a diamond, she identified a eunuch While diamonds are from the Qing hand, according to the prevailing market price, she valued at $ 200,000. I did not expect the seller was pale with anger. Fortunately, the presence of the master, the rescue in time rounders, she was not being scolded idea that sprinklers. Originally, the Empress Dowager Cixi The diamond is then rewarded eunuch eunuch favorite objects, after living overseas, is an overseas Chinese to spend lots of money to buy back, called the rare treasure. Monroe, although the latest jewelry market well aware of the market, but they ignore its historical value and celebrity. For the trade, this is no suspect the cause of the error. Monroe able to know to become an outstanding jewelry appraisers, the only professional knowledge is not enough, you must also acquire knowledge many cultural, historical, aesthetic and other related fields. Since then, her free time is spent on reading. Especially the collection of professional books, Monroe see very seriously. For the identification of goods in some context, she must be particularly careful to know after a year of hard work, and dozens of jewelry appraisal of temper, the former are even stranger to see some shy little girl, and finally became a A shrewd business elite, apart from the number of new people in. By the beginning of 2000, Liu’s salary rose to 100,000 yuan on the way, has become a truly white-collar workers in Shenzhen!

Liu Monroe most memorable is the year in October, company executives also took her to Shanghai to participate in the exchange will be a large-scale industry. At the meeting a number of senior members on the 2001 jewelry trends are analyzed. Turn to Fortune speech, the general manager made an exception for her and a designer on the field. Liu spoke Monroe got a lot of applause, when she was just a responsible moderator introduced jewelry appraisal staff after a more enthusiastic applause. Shanghai after a very famous jewelry company, immediately opened 200,000 annual salary to dig her, Monroe was politely declined Liu know how to engage in this episode was the boss know, he was clearly satisfied with the practice of girls, and soon After Liu Monroe’s salary rose from $ 100,000 at 150,000! When she was excited to tell their parents when the news, even her father could not believe that this is only a three-year vocational school reading Huangmaoyatou, wages actually far more than the Chinese Geology University he graduated engineer. michael kors bags cheap

Original title: Beautiful Day, said the signing idol group EXO M endorsement detonated fashion leader

(March 12, 2014, Beijing, China) China’s leading women’s fashion e-commerce platform has officially announced the signing of a beautiful saying idol group EXO M combinations days. This combination will become beautiful 20,142,015 annual brand spokesperson said. It was beautiful to say the first formal signing of a beautiful brand ambassador said, was founded in Beijing in 2009, creating a community of Chinese electricity supplier shopping guide mode, which users can not only beautiful women say to find the most popular fashion items, you can also learn how to dress with anytime, anywhere their discovery of new trends and ideas to share with the same friends pursue popular taste. In November 2013, said that the transition to the vertical category beautiful women’s fashion business platform and now includes women’s, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup and other beauty category, there are already more than 3000 high-quality merchants settled shop, offers a wealth of fashion trends goods. Currently, the number of registered users has been beautiful to say more than 55 million, has become a popular domestic second-tier cities young white female users recognized fashion shopping business platform. With its young and handsome appearance, fresh and sunny temperament, by the large number of young female fans of all ages and sought after, China has become a fan favorite female idol groups and concerns. EXO M members which include: KRIS, XIUMIN, LUHAN, LAY, CHEN, TAO ongoing campaign conducted in China in 2013, EXO first official album XOXO and achieved sales of over one million titles, and refresh the dusty years of record sales charts, hitting a platinum record. In the same year, EXO board the world’s most influential Billboard music chart selected in 2014 by the attention of artists list, the list was selected to become the only Asian singer, founder and CEO, said the beautiful turning Xu, said: EXO trend men’s team is one of 90 outstanding representatives of the new generation of spiritual power, they cool and sunny temperament and beautiful young fashion brand, said tonality fits along, beautiful young women say are leading the fashion trend, We are very concerned about their escalating consumer experience, needs and feelings, to this end, said the beautiful invitation EXO M popular combination as a brand ambassador, but also to give a love gift of millions of young female users. At the same time, we believe that for the first time EXO M endorsement, it will greatly promote the rapid growth of the domestic fashion industry and the high-quality fashion businesses michael kors bags outlet .

It is reported that this is the first time a combination of EXO M endorsement Chinese brand, EXO M will participate in the depth of cooperation, said a beautiful, brand promotion activities carried out a series of online and offline, for millions of female users and EXO fans sent all sorts of unexpected surprise welfare, well worth the wait. Currently, endorsement commercials pre-planning work is being carried out in full swing, the six members of EXO M will portrait starred commercials will meet with consumers at a time shortly after. The user can say the official APP download beautiful, beautiful landing, said the official website and microblogging, for the appropriate information and data display, EXO fans on the Internet an incredible energy. Baidu EXO it only monthly active number of fans to more than 30 million, long-term attendance Scoreboard ranked first Korean star catalog.

Short hair, hairstyle similar to pear, from Japan rise Step 1: First, the hair from the back of the head into two. Step 2: Take the curling flat, caught the tail from the back side began to roll in, remember not too high a volume about 5/6 of one side can be divided into parts of this volume, the volume is a good place to go back! it. Step 3: I remember a certain volume is flat on both sides of the hair are the same volume method. After roll, a little confused by hand to the tail fluffy points. Step 4: Spray on air Kao CAPE fluffy hair spray, hair can make the air feel oh great part is the girls bangs straight hair comb hair with a large volume, take a hairdryer with a hot wind Below small volumes can be friends with you! Take a look at the sections of the classic features: Curled Liu Qi, and Liu's length is appropriate just to cover the eyebrows, hair color to light brown, light chestnut better. Liu seemed more natural light, no short paragraph so thick bangs slightly messy features: messy and yet confusing, people look lazy in again with vigor. Build skills by starting at the head office doing fluffy effect, stereotypes and then with a hair dryer blowing, and with a wide-tooth comb to comb handle both perm life, can serve urban atmosphere. And this hairstyle biggest advantage is in the care of aspects may occasionally lazy about, oh what hairstyle for fat face, hair dryers, hair blowing techniques, how tie bud head plate hair how-to videos, big round for what hairstyle, what is hot for pear face, Yanhua Tang hairstyle pictures, non-mainstream girl hair hair, face and hair, hairmichael kors crossbody bag.

Market after the Greek radical left-wing coalition made election victory, had been expected to occur more pessimistic market situation, but Europe does not have a temporary new burst of bad incidents. Spot silver exchange experience qun goal 157.554.576 additional Gu Liang Ming does not expect the euro to continue to rebound, after the more likely scenario is that the euro fell from a fast or slow turn, the ups and downs of money in the long-term economic situation and some of the country’s is good, whether political stability, and if the euro zone’s economic and political environment is not well improved, so more favorable compared to the US market, the euro zone, the euro more attractive than the dollar, the euro against the dollar will continue long-term However, the euro continued to fall even lower, gold and silver may not be a very good performance in the future, because the greatest risk when market sentiment is the event of the most hazy time, that is the EBRD QE and Greece two weeks before the election according to the US Late last month, the Commerce Department data show that US households have begun to purchase a new car, television and other appliances, and new costumes, expected US durable goods orders data today will be a substantial increase in value over the previous historical data, however, we find that the US anti- In fact, out of order data supplies a slope smaller magnitude larger downward trend, which may not be conducive to America’s future economic prospects, but the market for this phenomenon is not cold, most of the investment banks and market participants still believe that the US economy will continue In 2015 confirm the recovery on Tuesday (January 27) Asian Handicap morning session, spot silver prices rebounded slightly after a rapid weakening and early accumulation of risk aversion weakened, silver prices rose Tuesday market logic destroyed important Economic data and events less, expect the market will focus on expectations the Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates on Wednesday out of a wave of market. New York time series of data released by the US investors can not be ignored, especially in the US durable goods orders data, from previous experience, the data can lead to a wave of dollar market, the dollar rose to suppress the price of gold, the dollar is supported the price of gold. In addition, the trend of investors should be concerned about other markets, commodity prices, European stocks and stock market conditions can affect the spot price of gold and silver trend analysis: Spot silver rose rapidly after the opening momentum yesterday blocked down near 3645, European trading hours continued down below support level 3580 and 3550, then to maintain the shock run within 35,303,580 range, today morning spot silver prices continued downside momentum continued yesterday, weakening tempted again to around 3488, days concern rebound kinetic energy, short-term top formation in the vicinity of 3550 resistance; the trend as previous chart, yesterday recorded a single entity throughout the 5-day moving average negative column, below the 10 and 135-day moving average near 3500 support the formation of a whole continued to show weakness after a slight rebound in the drawings index, MACD MACD momentum running red column volume weakened, KDJ and RSI divergence run down near the 60 level position, a weak indicators, silver touched the wet storage near 34,903,500 more than a single approach, stop loss below 3470, objective look at 35,303,550;

2, silver hit a nearby 35,503,560 jiancang empty, stop 3585 above the target look 35,203,500;

3, silver fell below the 3460 to 3480 retracement near empty single approach, stop loss above 3510, objective look at 34,403,430;

4, more strategic guidance silver skirt, 157.554.576, additional objectives: Valley 999;

Spot crude oil trend analysis: on line, BOLL continued a downward opening run, yesterday recorded a yin doji, crude oil prices continued to fall, each cycle trend was short run, the top 5 and 10-day moving average at 285,286 attached to form resistance near the bottom of the short-term support around 275, the overall trend was short sustained heavy volume, the trend continues to tentatively identified 272 and 275 near the bottom below the effective support, drawing on indicators, MACD MACD red column kinetic energy volume was flat, RSI and KDJ horizontal position in the vicinity of 10 to go flat, indicator neutral pH. After crude oil prices continue to weaken, below support at the bottom of the second tentative, cautious operating an empty one, crude oil hit a near 285,286 empty single approach, stop 288 above the target to see 280,278;

2, crude oil hit a near 275 more than a single approach, stop loss below 272, the target to see 280,282;

February 27th, 2015

Chapter 2 rescue rookie repair


Mike Lang Farr Mans F.20 aircraft turn the rudder hard, trying to escape the opponent to catch up this is a biplane, rear propeller driven aircraft it has to promote the shortcomings inherent in the aircraft, heavy, mobility is quite poor. The only advantage is that, because the propeller mounted on the rear of the fuselage, so it can be equipped with machine guns fired forward now, Mike Lang turned his need heavy-propelled aircraft direction, otherwise he will be trailing behind Germany aircraft shot down the other side to be able to escape the fire, twisting his head from time to time, the observation position themselves behind the German aircraft, hands moving around the joystick, adjust the plane in the air, it has a pair of wing stance, Pull everywhere, not very powerful engine, and fight just to make it only speed and general level, however, it is for the Allied pilots, this is a guy who can be life. Especially when it is ejected from the propellers were flames, (which was the only aircraft equipped to shoot coordinator), it is into the First World War in which every pilot’s nightmare Allies burst with intermittent sound, Like some of the bullets flying insect-like, issued a buzzing sound. This is some dragging smoke, can be life insects. Occasionally the plane hit the local machine gun bullets, issued very frightened, Boom Boom sound My God ……

Mike Lang as usual at this time, began to believe that all of God. And when he cried, his voice trembling among a peculiar, which makes a machine gunner and his belief in God, it seems that he has the talent to do missionary back to base when the bar though, it will make a few glasses of spirits He forget the universal exists, but think they are universal, but now apparently convinced that God occasionally when a write, he saw a big chance of a triangle, Kite is below glide slowly to the right He told himself, Jack Buddy, this may be a chance! glide as long as the kite!

Mike Lang’s intention is very simple, it is declining, bypassing the triangle Kite delta wing back below 唐云扬 writhing around his neck looked, he was wondering where their place, his mother in the end this is what hell !

His height is quite low, a large delta wing and completely cover the top of the line of sight. But according to sound judgment, should combat took place near the top place. And as more and more violent sound of the engine, indicating the fight is getting closer to the head from his sweat almost out of Tang Yunyang know what Mike Lang’s intention, he just wanted to go to escape the battlefield quickly landed say. Pull your own tripod delta wing, delta wing elevation down dive down beginning to now he has a deep understanding of the earth’s lovely, especially on top of this a shooting war Damn kite ……

Mike Lang swore, when looking back, so that the kite is now carried out for an incredible dive to the right, and he could see under the delta-wing individuals seem really hung, before Mike Lang Ma Wan, a burst of machine gun bullets sweep over. Bullets from so close that across from his cheek when he felt the bullet blazing heat Peng sound, in front of his machine gunner was hit carotid artery, a large share of blood sprayed out . He sat behind a machine gunner, and the blood was blown into his face, very cold and almost entirely paste live goggles covered his eyes for a while, Slap cracking crackling sound among the hit Under the wings were swept away by the rushing of the wind, the wings are thin bobbing, the sound makes Mike Lang believes it will immediately break.

1. Help your child develop a personalized learning plan, the integration of daily learning plans 2. Establish the right way of thinking, to help students improve their thinking skills 3. Depending on the topic and contest ideas and styles to help children master the correct exam strategies and problem-solving ideas 4. relieve pressure on the child’s psychological guidance interview skills coaching content:

1. closely around the primary knowledge systems targeted for counseling, not only to help students with the basic skills, while expanding the space of thinking five or six grade 2. important test center, a comprehensive system combing topics to help students integrate high-frequency test sites for students to experience the comprehensive sexual problems, teach students to analyze and solve such problems. Systematic summary plus humorous classroom, let the children happy in a deep understanding of the topic, learning through a problem, understand the problem 3. teach a class competition and interviewing skills, develop a good attitude Longwen educational practice of Teacher 1 on 1 coaching schools targeted students example tutor performance analyst, a unique Longwen counseling model. Students will experience the professional educational counseling and evaluation, professional achievements analysis, a progressive model of humane care.

February 15th, 2015

0-3-year-olds the most important education


For new parents, this visit to the nick of time. Although the visit paid a 450, but I still find value for money, can

Contact with something, be able to shift from the concept, which is critical to our future baby, a good foundation will contribute to the success of the day after tomorrow. Think of us as a child had nothing to do at that time is not known, of course, a

The reason is because the environment, on the other hand is the social development dimension of reasons, only a good economic development, a lot of soft stuff to develop. A lot of intangible things that need to be supported economically strong, heartfelt

Heart wish our motherland more powerful and prosperous! Closer to home, to learn something today to share with you:

Today, children learn skills and eight relating to:

(1) interactive vision and hearing: pass

Over certain items to make the baby’s eyes move around

You can buy bed bell, colorful, musical also with rotation, can cause the baby’s attention as soon as possible, so that your baby’s vision to develop, will lead to the development of the vision of many virtually things, increase the child’s intelligence hair (2) Training introspection features: touch back, etc., nodding, clap, with a child’s hand touched his own hands, ears, mouth, etc., once twice, slowly, he will be happy with some of their own expression. Environmental adaptability: look at the surroundings

Child in the womb when the external environment which have a vague understanding, when came to this world to recognize more clearly. So to bring a baby to see things their own home, so he was familiar environment at home, he would go to

He likes to see things (4) interpersonal skills: human interaction with the parents of small children at 2030cm, more familiar to the baby, to see who is the father, who is the mother, who is my grandparents. . . . , Familiar with their loved ones as soon as possible to expand the baby’s interpersonal skills, so he would not

On the surrounding environment psychological fear (5) mathematical logic: count

In the rest of the time eating and sleeping baby, be sure to give them some interactive games, such as the number of the number of interactions with him, training his mathematical logic. May start to understand anything, when a long time, he knows these signals or

Differences between gestures. Animals can count, not to mention smart baby it (6) musical intelligence: listening to music

In infants or children can give him another time to listen to some soft music, such as home, flute and madrigals, etc.

(7) dynamic concept of life is movement, life is appropriate for the child’s movement, so that the baby has a certain amount of exercise every day, it will not only exercise the body, but also enhance their immunity. You can turn over the baby turned three times less

More appropriate. Let baby sleep lying half an hour, let cool back to promote the development of cardiopulmonary (8) body movement. Let the baby lying on the bed, his hands outstretched natural, hands gently hold the child’s feet, so that the children themselves.

February 14th, 2015

Nice to meet you one


Zaozhidaojiu not to focus on what high school, high school home there are not too good, but there are junior high school classmate. The school reportedly extremely competitive, but the corresponding enrollment rate is also guaranteed. So when she saw her parents after a total score, without the slightest hesitation, her first choice second choice to fill all of this high school. Maybe others do not seem insurance, but Lin Ma Lin dad have enough self-confidence: I’m a city girl in the second quiz, Xing Wu a dare do it!

So after a month in the job can not get addicted to the forest dad ma lin the girl thrown into a smooth style that the whole boarding school, even accompanied Lin Yiwei report did not go far away to see a crowded place where people want to come and that is reported everywhere. So also struggling to squeeze past, because she trained from junior high school onwards crowded queuing Dafan magic (.), So she basically did not take much effort on to the top. Register to receive names from the class number accommodation supplies Lin Yiwei go, took the box and walked out of classes satisfaction is high and one 8 classes, teaching the first floor, bedroom floor in the dormitory 203, ah, then go tinkering with baggage it. School Profile Linyi Wei took shelter with the sun overhead and looked around to find the dormitory, ah Excuse me, may I ask you to go to the dormitory is it? A female voice in the back of hesitancy stopped her Linyi Wei turned his head, a high tall skinny little shy girl smiled at her, Hello.

Lin Yiwei first instinct is that this is a simple modesty girl, she is also a good first impression. So too generous smile, You okay, I was freshman year, you are what dormitory ah?

Girl holding a written report issued at the class looked dormitory note: I am 203 quarters.

To the fourth floor, find 203, have three girls in chat. She saw two girls pointed to a slight weight gain did not put luggage in several empty shop, new to the, ah, this a few empty choose one of your own.

Linyi Wei thought, luggage flung capped go, then hands to pack up. The shy girl and she also climbed the adjacent upper berth, washed her shy smile, the two above, self-introduced to it. A very pretty girl snapped his head on them, Lin Yiwei, She waved the red below, the future and everyone from morning till evening, and also hope you forgive me.

Let the three girls in the extra padding called Chen Wei, love slash. Pretty little dazzling called Li Jiang, sing and dance, gestures have different kind of charm. Another little careless named Wu Xin know each other after a few girls started packing bed, this time a girl came in, put down the luggage glanced empty shop was surprised called out: Yo, I’m the last one to There are actually sleeping bunk to me?

Jiang Li shift bedding being looked at her, What do you have to thank you spread those two kind of girl. People put bunk left you.

That girl is not tweaking, careless things to headboard off, wiped the sweat, said:. Oh right, I called Zhou Qian called me Sissy also OK paused, Well God is called Sin What Sissy bar, listening to the goose bumps.

Clean up is completed, we chose Zhou Qian when relinquish strengths, unified internal call dormitory, Zhou Qian called boss, Lin Yiwei for girl, good girl for Songjahak Creek, Jiang Li for royal sister, Chen Wei, a small US, Wu Xin it, for small Woo teacher surnamed Sun, done after the introduction of self-start position is divided according to the test results, although students are not allowed to prejudice or inequality, but Wu Xing is the largest number of people admitted to local universities for high school, it is so, survival of the fittest. You can not say that this is equal, equally, in a certain sense, it is also bound to exist Sun teacher read the test results before the class name of the top ten, in order, in turn divided into five groups to sit, ten after the first mash sit 林亦薇 two names was read, was in the first row of the window, right-hand side has been sitting a person, the city Kaozhuang Yuan, Shen desert. The name is no stranger to yiwei lin  saw him in the newspaper, for the forest dad veiled criticism, do nothing, he would score higher than my daughter a little more of it, the newspaper also put sheets stink face, this kid is too Linyi Wei opened more crazy ah stool, sit down quietly, seeing good female Songjahak Li Jiang River and royal sister sitting in the third row behind them, and a little boy sitting in the United States Chen Wei fifth row, the boss and Wu Xin She is a mix and match moving gesture of contempt she gestures boss smiled, then bowed his head look fat book, a voice sounded beside her:. Hello

Linyi Wei turned his head a little surprised, I saw a cool looking guy was staring at her watch. Lin Yiwei disturbing side a migraine leave his sight, do nothing, say the word and interrogation of prisoners like but out of courtesy, Linyi Wei was back in the offing, and with a sense of inquiry ah?

Shen pointed desert deadpan physical book she is reading, This is mine. When the book was right hair you give yourself the two.

Lin Yiwei embarrassing, she has written books on the name of the. She pushed past the unpleasant task of the book, Hey. I just now realized that the problem did not write the name of it. I’m sorry.

Shen desert took the book, write something in the above, it is estimated that her flamboyant signature on his plan to write, and then closed the book and turned to look out the window Linyi Wei looked around the house on fire because of the freshness and the same We look back at the table do not know what Shen students are watching, light non-differentiable sighed. Then shook his head.

February 14th, 2015

Two eggs cry


For me, youth is so I did not dare to touch the dream miss two days of school, under coercion mom and I from the town high school, go to the three in the county. As three of the reasons to go to the county, because it was said to the mother, where the quality of education is very good, I discovered that three of the others did not look like my mom said,

Before long, I heard someone told me, one mad, two in chaos, is a prostitute three homes, four in a junkyard. Thus, three in what is a school to school, the first day, the teacher let me introduce myself standing on the podium, I am very shy and said, My name is Li Yang, you can call me two eggs.

Under the podium, the students laughed out loud booing arrange my seat after the teacher went to the meeting, after all, today is the first day of school, all the teachers to go to the meeting the teacher was gone, I tragedy in three of the official start I go to school early, students or a year older than I was two years old, sitting in the classroom, I was very strange apprehension and tension I always kept my table and asked, What time is it.

At the same table with a two dollar electronic watches, may feel I’m new here, and he never tires of telling me the time when I was asked a third time, although annoyed at the same table, but still told me Now half past nine.

I nodded my head, behind my table that he knew the man he called Cui handsome, might see me dislike it, deliberately said, Now 9:30:25.

He also has an electronic watch, naturally know the exact number of seconds I felt he gave me joking, I smiled and said, What do you say it a hair.

When I finish the sentence with a smile, he stood up and grabbed my hair, it makes me somewhat startled from small to large, this is the first time being grabbed by the hair, so I am very angry, punch it he swung down on a table top, and grabbed his hair because of my hair short, his catch is not particularly strong, when I punch him climb on the table to play when he grabbed my hair and hands, has released my pick punch punch hit his head on top of the other students in the class, I saw a new bully their classmates, they come hurdle, my grasp of the wearer, unable to move Cui Shuai then climb up off the table, kick to the top of my stomach did not fight to the end of the class here, Cui handsome pointed at me and said, I’m waiting for you to the point.

I know the meaning of what he said, is to find someone to beat me chant. Know this, I began to prepare weapons.