Do not hit the child’s festival, who established? Certainly not the Chinese people.

We have a child who has not beaten? My daughter does not listen when I have played her hands, I think it still has effect. Hit the child simply because the parents do not have the patience to educate their children yesterday,Michael Kors Bags Uk Online Website a lot of friends in Forwarding a message on the microblogging: Today is the International Day not beat children, and not to fight child Oh! Originally, this special holiday in 1998 by the United States Anti-Corporal Punishment organization effective correctional center started, the proposed Come give it a try, at least for today, do not hit the child, or you will find that every day after today, the You do not need to hit a kid, the slogan, thereby oppose corporal punishment of children, promotion of the child’s positive discipline methods Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zuo Tian and Zai Jietou random access to the 100-year-old of 1260 people, 90 respondents said his childhood parents or elders fight to survive, there are 89 people that appropriate corporal punishment for children is an effective method of adult education: a child who did not survive the fight?

Do not hit the child’s festival, who established? Certainly not the Chinese people. Yesterday afternoon, is with 12-year-old daughter, Tingting in Red Road, Sec Xufeng people waiting for the bus a do not hit kids International Day on laughed. We have a child who has not beaten? My daughter does not listen when I have played her hands, generations are so over, I think it still has effect. And around her, there are many of them have parents The people are nodded, different conditions, and education methods are not necessarily suitable for Chinese families abroad. Most of the respondents said that most parents spank their children will not play too much, more of a symbolic punishment. In the 100 respondents, only 10 people said his childhood parental corporal punishment has never been before, but seven of them, but to support moderate corporal punishment .21-year-old college student from childhood along with small yellow grandparents live, never Parents fight to survive, grow up, and he felt that this is not necessarily a good thing. are young and naive, and sometimes adults do not necessarily understand the reason, can suffer a few impressive, michael kors baby bagat least you can regulate behavior, the truth can slowly understand .

Children: I feel very helpless beaten

There are eight-year-old boy in 1218 respondents, they said: It is annoying feeling beaten, after both psychological shadow. 17-year-old Tang Lei remember once in junior high school did not test well, he was beaten father running for the door, down the street hid 12:00 had come home. I am helpless, and never dare not learn the.

However, until the child is no sensible fought, would hurt his self-esteem, said Tang Lei’s mother Ms. Qian point: there is no patience smacking performance

Yesterday, the International Day kids do not fight has become a hot topic of microblogging, many users said that smacking is simply because their parents do not have the patience to educate their children. Netizen Britax Bürkert fitness flagship store, said: They grew up, have their own ideas, to have the patience to listen, patience enlighten, to deal with a good friend of angle, so that they have a mental balance, so when he says the truth.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security crackdown Office Director Chen Shih canal also issued a microblogging: Do not love the child and then as a simple excuse for rude! And revealed that the anti-domestic violence, the state is legislation, ranging from smacking illegal, while crime. Sticks under the dutiful son sometimes does not play.

Summary: October 16 afternoon, working in Xinjiang Baicheng Baicheng County Public Security Bureau came to the very fact that the rush of Criminal Investigation Brigade police said: Swallow-year-old daughter being bullied. According to the very fact that she returned to work in the afternoon for rent Fan told her mother lived, noon Swallow said, a rental residence courtyard distant relatives Moumou stripped off her pants Tianshan (Reporter Cuiyu Yong reports ) to Xinjiang, Sichuan migrant workers Zhang Lionesses pseudonym) did not think how, and to own a home in Sichuan Baicheng from work, and while living in a rented house courtyard Lee distant relatives, even the evil tentacles year Just a 5-year-old daughter swallow (a pseudonym), indecent conduct its implementation October 16 afternoon, working in Xinjiang Baicheng County Public Security Bureau, the very fact that the rush came to worship the Criminal Investigation Brigade police said: Swallow-year-old daughter It is the very fact of being bullied introduced her to work in the afternoon back to live rent Fan told her mother, noon Swallow said, a rental residence courtyard distant relatives Moumou stripped off her pants, things happen In between at 14:00 on October 16 to 15:00, Swallow was carried out in the yard to play cool house suspects from the room, saw the victim in the yard playing, say, to eat candy, small victim Swallow Pianzhi room, then pushed the victim to swallow above the sofa, was carried out on the couch obscene, Swallow was no resistance. Baicheng County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigators received a report said Yuan town After Baicheng County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately suspect Lee conducted a survey questioning. Faced with police investigators inquiry, the suspect Moumou admit to living in a rented room browsing pornographic websites, but denied that he had been the victim of indecent behavior thanks to the implementation of the Swallow County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation battalion Bangladesh Strong said after investigators later on the scene, to extract a small girl underwear, men underwear on the secretions, and after DNA tests to determine the DNA and the suspect Lee is consistent, which identified the suspect Lee on the implementation of the little girl swallow indecent acts suspects Lee, 24 years old, usually doing nothing, is a typical otaku, every day at home, which is play games, surf the web, living expenses basically his brother aid and sister-in-law. Investigators said the day of the incident, Yuan town, Lee’s sister-in-law in Aksu, his brother is not at home. Swallow’s parents were something out, leaving only her grandmother at home laundry According to police, the victim swallow only 5 years old, after being molested, their body and soul have been huge trauma and shock, these negative factors for her Future growth will have many adverse effects. Police remind the majority of parents, children do not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, it is easy to be deceived. The best way to prevent such an event is to strengthen the protection of children to avoid the child alone and non-family members of adult men alone. At the same time, to strengthen the child’s education, communicate with their children, teaching children to enhance self-protection awareness Meng strong explained, Criminal Law has the definition of indecent assault, punishable by five years imprisonment, in serious cases, can be sentenced to five years Currently more than imprisonment, suspect Lee County Public Security Bureau has been under criminal detention worship, waiting for his punishment would be legal. Screenshots show that last December, Wenzhou City Development Zone public.

Guizhou High Court in response to Wang Yuansong injustice: must apply the law in April 2005, Liupanshui people 王元松 intentional homicide was sentenced to life imprisonment. The vulnerabilities.

Advertising of tobacco advertising law revision to leave the hole again Yin Zhengyi 20 years of advertising law implemented in August this year to start the first amendment, although tobacco advertising is just one small provision has become.

The difference is so big, no pensions, Bounce work? Pension two-track reform program by the State Council executive meeting yesterday and by the Politburo Standing Committee, was widely criticized.

Issued on the 28th of this month microblogging users photos show a black, messy hair, Heart, sitting alone in an exposed outdoor sponge core shabby armchair warm sun. Her black pants stained with soil, wearing a pair of red slippers, behind there is a snack bag open. Friends in the micro-Bo said, there is a neighbor wanted to bring hearts home, but she refused, saying not to go.

The day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to live in a district  Shunyi, Heart carrying out plastic buckets from the car shed, she changed the body of a clean shirt and trousers, still wearing slippers, messy hair. Heart of the home is a bicycle parking shed area, with glass separated out of about 20 square meters of the house, she and her twin sister, parents living here when asked whether the school, Heart shook his head. Reporters want to come up and handed her a snack, Heart glanced house, that you put in front of the box, do not let my mother found it filed plastic bucket filled with charcoal into the house. Then out of the Heart mother very fact that the Internet that is untrue, Heart just playing at the door, and he can not let her go out in the district, said one uncle, a man often common Heart stroll outside, or play with the dog, no go to school. There is also a neighbor, said that some mischievous Heart, parents can stop rescue shelter staff, Heart’s sister childhood living with their parents, Heart in the home before the age of 3 and grandmother of life after the death of her grandmother and aunt live to the age of 6, followed by parents live far . Renhe town government staff, public interest organizations have had to find a school to help the Heart, but somehow they drop out of school six months Heart excellent learning sister, Heart childhood naughty, do not love learning. Rescue shelter staff said Heart back Beijing had with her sister after school together, but during the school once had a two-door performance add up to only five points in the school have to get somebody something, fight, torn clothes, shoes and so on with a small knife. Heart now often play a man in Shunyi District, do not go home at noon, four hypermarkets in shuangxing pick someone else to eat leftovers, and sometimes did not come home at night, their parents and the police union to find multiple child her mother a bad temper , there were beaten in the discipline process. Staff said, Heart parents limited education, educating the children appeared lacking in the process. We will continue to coordinate, then the children some psychological counseling. The staff, the Civil Administration will work with the territorial government departments, for families with children to solve problems in life, ease family conflicts, to further safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the child Children sometimes do not listen, I was fierce temper up some, but someone’s child did not survive to fight it …… are pro child, how can I like it for her, Ms. Zhang Xinxin mother admitted that he did in the education process has inappropriate place, but they are, after all, mother of the child, not abuse. Talking to online reports, the very fact that sigh. Do not say to someone else, I can only say that children see photos by the sun warm, and I think a stepmother (in order to make things) it.

Sometimes kids do not listen, she performed poorly in school, they were reluctant to go to school, I have no way to educate them. The very fact that some bad hearts in their daily habits, her father would sometimes help children to speak, but she they think, after you have found a bad habit of education, or grown harder to correct for the let someone else take the children to send snacks, Zhang said, although the poor of your own home, but you can not let the kids have to get something from elsewhere habits, not someone else’s charity.

Renhe Town government staff yesterday told reporters that the relevant departments had made Miss Zeng Duizhang an economic help, Ms. Zhang was rejected. She said education can help the boy stronger than anything else. The staff said A lot of schools are now unwilling to accept my child. The very fact that two years ago had helped nonprofits hearts find a private school in Changping, a period of time After school said no dormitories, and must pick a day, can not bear the toll house, Heart can only continue to drop out of school at home this regard, the Board of Education staff, Shunyi District, told reporters that the law of all school-age children and adolescents must receive nine years compulsory education, Heart is still in compulsory education, their parents and their acceptance of it shall ensure timely completion of compulsory school. michael kors bags cheapThis is the responsibility of the child’s parents can not let the children out of school. The staff said, even if children do not want to school, or in school have bad habits, education and let all be correct. Meanwhile, Shunyi District, Board of Education, said, followed by Heart and his family will also do the job, helping hearts to be educated, Early Parenting missing, would adversely affect personality formation and development, for the hearts of this 6-year-old former foster care twice children, damage could be bigger. Associate Professor of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, said Wang Fang, there is growing experience people will feel that they are in the subconscious of the role of an abandoned Fang said the two children of the family , and often there will be a very obedient, in full compliance with parental expectations, while another very anti-traditional, often at odds with their parents expectations. If the presence of two of the children, with a double standard to require them, the child will think it unfair, then other ways to vent, while parents scolding the child is very negative behavior, easy for children to produce hostility, will strengthen Its reverse psychology to let the child know he is also loved being a normal concern. For how to Heart education, Fang suggested that parents should be aware of their hearts commit errors in education, children learn to understand and In the process of getting along with kids that have had a sense of security. She suggested that the hearts of parents and children should be fully communicate, michael kors bags uklisten to children’s ideas, a person can accept some professional family therapy. (Reporter Lee Sang-Rong)

Report: Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group reported a 14 Journal: Chongqing Chongqing Evening News newspaper Chongqing Morning News newspaper Chongqing Daily Times letter new female-reported health People’s News Legal News Chongqing Three Gorges Bayu Metropolis Metropolis Metropolis Yuzhou service Wuling Habitat Weekly Herald Hot News Chongqing city today.

After receiving the alarm, fast access at 110 Sand Force police Luojian Chun, Li rushed to the scene and saw a boy standing chenjiawan 248 bus stops crying. Brother, how? The boy asked the police do not want to talk, cry more than. Michael Kors Bags Uk Online WebsiteTell me, how do we drive you home, cold outside thing. Patient comfort under the police, the boy said that he was very hungry Subsequently, the police bought milk, bread, eat after the little boy, told police themselves Wang. He said he lived in the vicinity of the building materials market Majiayan, enrolled in the soil Bay Primary School. After school that day, he went along with the students rub chenjiawan an Apple store to play mobile games, Zombies Soon, the students go home, and he alone, play fun, until the store closing. It was late, no guiding students, Amy does not know how to get home early to go home talking about the reasons, Wang told police: Zombies more important than to go home, he said, he had seen his father use. phone played this game, he played the father of a mobile phone, a lot of fun. His father allowed him to play, so he thought and students to play outside. A play on the addiction, the old want to get through customs. Now I’m leaving off the last few did not play.

Let police escort home

In the police car, Wang refused to say specifically address. I want to own home, do not you send me, my father saw that hit me. Wang said Wang after police patience and communication, promise not to let his father scolded him, Wang That shut the door, let the police send him home around 9:40, the police drove with Amy came Majiayan. Wang temporarily change his mind, the police refused to send him upstairs. Sent here on the line, you go back, I go upstairs. Wang said, No, if you do not go home, then went somewhere else to play the game how to do, we do not trust. Police adhere to send him upstairs , Wang did not bend over the police, Wang reluctantly agreed to come to the house, the police did not see his parents, michael kors bags outletonly a little girl in the kitchen making dinner this 12 year old girl is Amy’s sister, she told police, his father worked on the outside, there is no home. My mom and dad divorced, from a very young age, I have not seen my mother again. The girl said. Listening to some angry father, I am plumbers, small children when their mother left. Wang said the father, he was only while working side bringing up the children, because of long working hours, irregular, somewhat sparse to care for siblings father said his daughter behaved, but not very obedient son, want strict management son, he was not allowed to play games. Which he knew recent phone shop outside to play, came back late from school. In this regard, my father often told Wang angry, even abusive father Wang told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, I want them to have a good future. For the kids play games thing, he admitted that their own culture is low, I do not know how to educate their children yesterday, after police and Pharaoh again call on him guidance. You know why kids are going to play games, and even forget to go home? The police asked Pharaoh could not answer. He wants to clearance, the children said, this game clearance kick him not playing. Jun told the old Wang, slowly educate children, too far, he did a thing to stop the more, the more he must work against rebellious. You let him play at home, let my sister looked at him, you meet him this little desire, perhaps obedient child.

Chongqing Evening News reporter learned that Wang is not how to play the game before that only recently fell in love with Zombies. According to Wang, the father said his son’s neither good nor bad grades in the class considered moderate results.

When you have a super-loving crowd Apple phone, you will find that if you are away from Apple’s culture is getting closer it? Or that you do not understand Apple’s culture. Here, we do not discuss iPod sound quality for the time being, not to discuss the iPhone in the end is good or bad, whether the design of the Apple Throughout humanity for so many years in the market influence and development, in fact, we already have the answer in mind, That is Apple gives us not only a MP3, one of the most innovative mobile phone. It gives us more of a fashion sense, a very different, and very easy to fall in love with it after use feeling. Now Apple has already become a kind of culture, a self-advertised, fashion and cultural trends have the most recent wave of an iPhone, is the dream of many of my friends, so if you have it after, you can play a number of its function?

Do you have good care of it, as it adds more new friends mean? Today, I would introduce a build specifically for the iPhone and iPod speakers, it is the Philips SBD8100, this is a trend stylish appearance, excellent sound quality speakers. Let the author take you to the next good experience at this product.

698 Fashion Square (formerly Philatelic Building) located in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road, the heart of the Golden Triangle district’s future, will form the focus of Shanghai’s most unique and most attractive of the social center.michael kors tote bag Set brand flagship stores, casual dining, beauty and health, SPA, upscale clubs as one of the boutique small commercial complex. The 10 projects on the ground floor, basement level. Fashion Square and 698 forming the Golden Triangle project is adjacent to the east side of the Plaza, 688 Nanjing West Road, and will be built in Nanjing West Road, southwest of Shanghai’s largest commercial complex – the current hot investment in the project, as well as part of the building project Dazhongli waiting for your plane settled at 5.001 million square meter area, there is gas, indivisible, whole floor apartment, do catering Metro: Metro Line 2 West Nanjing Road Station.michael kors bags outlet Interested parties please contact me, I am the company’s internal investment staff, unmediated. We also welcome the positive recommendation agency, after closing commission is one month’s rent. Contact me, please say the Internet is fair to see, thank you!

March 27th, 2015

E Road route LH700 deals sell


E Road route LH700 body mainly black color, all corners are streamlined curvature of the design, with its surface by the grinding process of the shell, not only gives a superior overall visual effect, while experience Relax operating feel. The top of the fuselage of the aircraft were lined with bright silver key body design of the power key and volume control keys are located at the bottom of the fuselage has a USB port and a headphone jack, the operation is complete when the relevant data input and output feeling is Very convenient. Its screen is 4.3 inches high wear TFT LCD touch screen with a resolution of 480 272, the display is clear and smooth, natural color transition,michael kors crossbody bags with the market compare with the price of other products have been quite good body shape fashion, fine workmanship

Hardware configuration LH700 has reached the level of the current mainstream market, which use a frequency of 400MHz memory SAMSUNG S3C2440A processor with 64MB, the overall response rate may make people more satisfied. It is equipped with the operating system Windows CE 5.0 Core Version, compatibility and ease of operation are excellent. Signal receiver chip it uses is still the mainstream market SiRF StarIII, under normal circumstances, can ensure a more stable signal reception electronic map interface

The machine uses the latest version of the navigation software from well-known figure providers Kay launched, the real coverage of the 362 cities and 2,862 counties, and has more than 500 million mass of information points over 128 points classification categories of information, covering all types of consumer shopping , dining and entertainment,michael kors tote bag public services, schools and hospitals. It also has a route planning and voice prompts, users simply enter the name of departure and destination, it can provide a path between the two plans, and in the meantime set up via ground and avoid ground, and the version of the software also Adding a speed alarm, electronic dogs and other features that help users to safely and efficiently reach their destinations fuselage bottom right of its stereo speakers

In addition, E Road route LH700 also has a comprehensive wealth of entertainment features, it supports video files WMA, WAV, MP3 audio format as well as WMV, ASF, MPEG, MPG, ASX, AVI and other formats playback, and supports JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG formats picture browsing and TXT e-book reading function, in addition to positioning and navigation It can also add a lot of fun E Road route as the earlier launch of professional car navigation for the user’s leisure brand, has been in the product development and promotion has accumulated rich experience, and established a good reputation among consumers. And this LH700 unique and stylish overall design, delicate workmanship and outstanding performance in various functions also reassure people that their impressive strength, the recent purchase of a friend might intend to give priority to this product. (As mentioned Recommended businesses at the time of purchase at the end of the text bubble net believe there will be more high-quality service)

Fashion Milky Way (information, buy, forums) Commercial Plaza was held today shops handover ceremony Conference and launch operations, the person in charge of the project at the meeting solemnly announced opening time – 2011 December 2. This represents a fashion Milky Way officially entered the operational phase, began the opening countdown. 0 integrated DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, the investigation report by Jones Lang LaSalle and CB Richard Ellis found that the second half will include Taikoo Hui Guangzhou (information, buy, forums), fashion Milky Way, Happy Valley, Huacheng (information, buy, forums), 5 apron (information, buy, forums), Haeinsa Festival Walk and Olympic Park Plaza (information, buy, forums) 7 big mall opened, the new shopping area will be more than 1 million square meters. The Milky Way is the fashion in the second half of 2011 and only released the mall opened in time; this mall is currently available in Guangzhou’s largest underground shopping mall, according to reports, fashion Milky Way, a total of 50,000 square meters, containing more than 800 shops and now has nearly 900 businesses waiting stationed. Currently, the Fashion Milky Way were the first to recognize rent dining area has been completely short, while the leisure and shopping district is also rented less rare. To meet more businesses opening fishing gold eager, fashion Milky Way has now completed all the main aspects of the transfer of the building and into the shops, December 2 Upcoming sought after due to the strong business at present, fashion Milky Way average monthly rent of about of 8.001 million yuan / square meter, individual monthly rent more quality shops has exceeded 10 yuan / square meter fashion Milky Way Filled Tianhe district

According to the commercial real estate experts, fashion Tianhe commercial plaza with a superb combination of factors of quality commercial real estate lots, people, theme, size, design, operation experience. All along, fashion Milky Way by the Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, as well as other major leaders and relevant departments attach great importance to and support; its location is no doubt, is located in China’s First Circle – the Milky Way, a collection of the Tianhe City, Grandview Plaza, Pacific Exchange, Onelink other large shopping centers, business climate is extremely strong. Also has CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou World Trade Center, the Metropolitan Square, Sunshine Plaza and other high-grade office buildings, huge spending power. Brand clothing area will be a period of fast fashion as the theme, fill in missing Tianhe district fast fashion element. Tianhe district apparently eschewed original business conditions, taking dislocation business location. Other commercial property developers in the Tianhe district are stationed on the new underground mall welcomed because fashion Tianhe commercial plaza opening represents the Tianhe district also has underground shopping malls in the true sense of fashion Milky Way another success secrets In its deep internal strength. More than 20 years of operating experience in the fashion group, the successful experience of a number of cities in the country, so that the Milky Way has been successful fashion soil. Rent not buy, unified management operating philosophy, the courage to break the commercial real michael kors crossbody bagsestate business practices, waiving financing the construction, renovation fund to provide special, free professional interior design, display and other expenses (which only a few investors would receive several hundred million dollars ), this series of initiatives, so rest assured that worry merchants. Fashion Milky Way has a high quality investment, operation and management team, the company’s various departments work together, and efficient operation of the Board of Directors to provide a strong financial security, the work is in full progress smoothly. And is scheduled to open during the high throw 10 million for promotion!

Verily, one mind

Fashion Milky Way, the ceremony appeared sensational scene: the person in charge of the engineering department to hold your breath eyes red flags on the handle to the operation of heavy head; fashion Milky Way at the beginning of the Guangzhou Asian Games carried encountered cause All work stoppage and various other force majeure setbacks, and now finally come fast frenzied media attention next month stage, and Head of Operations above are ringing ceremony set a military order, vowing to fashion group’s unique innovation and professionalism continuation of the fashion Milky Way, and carried forward so we’ll see this so-called South China’s largest and most especially the underground mall – Fashion Milky Way!

On the occasion of the end of season gifts, BenQ F3 marketed season limited edition, sparkling red and white color focus shell,michael kors tote bag allowing stress outfit younger mix and match fashion show will be popular fashion charm. Taiwan’s BenQ F3 standalone version suggested retail price of NT $ 7,990 (equivalent to 1650 yuan), has been sold in Taiwan! BenQ says almost everyone a smart phone, the product specifications are almost standardized, but not necessarily be the same for different ethnic groups smartphone usage scenarios, may not be able to find a satisfactory product. BenQ committed to enhancing the quality of life of consumers, michael kors duffle bagstarting from the user’s needs, product design and technology integration for different usage scenarios. Chunghwa Telecom to launch after the A3, gain market certainly now redouble our efforts to introduce new machines BenQ F3, the same high-quality feature-rich appearance and multitasking system operators with a populist program, so that consumers can easily enjoy the high quality smart mobile life Takatsuki equipped, stylish appearance, enjoying life BenQ F3 action will have Android 4.2.2 operating system and 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM, equipped with powerful hardware, allowing consumers to have a smooth regular Internet Speed operating experience, to easily handle a variety of multi-tasking tasks. Plus 4.5-inch IPS screen, regardless of browsing the web, watching pictures or movies or games, can have excellent visual feast. Streamline sports surface design, 8.9mm thin body build neat style, with sparkling red, white color focus shell, with the mood and can be worn with arbitrary choice, show self-style high-pixel camera, feature-rich, readily capture the exciting moment BenQ F3 is equipped with Sony Exmor RS sensor 1,300-megapixel main camera, plus BSI back-illuminated sensor, users can easily shoot shooting delicate wonderful quality photos in any light. Also supports up to nine kinds of shooting modes and 13 scene modes, 99 continuous shooting function that allows consumers to choose a variety of effects to improvise, with more fun and lively way to record life bit by bit!

Bubble network notebook Channel May 29 following the March launch of the performance-based play V3 series of new products, Acer has recently officially launched a stylish slim V5 series of new products as a selling point. According to Acer product manager Oscar presentation: V5 series will launch 11.6 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches in three size models, based on the strong performance of less than one inch thick design and colorful appearance and exquisite design details, michael kors crossbody bagsuch as through the full range of and strive to provide consumers with a both aesthetic, thin notebooks mainstream price colorful design with a stylish Acer V5 series of thin products

V5 series with a colorful design, 14-inch models offer a moonlight silver, sky blue and lavender three stylish colors, and A, B, C are used in the same color shell design, the overall impression is more coordinated. V5 full range of products are thin as a selling point, which is only 20 mm body thickness of 14-inch models, compared to the traditional products of the same size, the thickness is reduced by 30%, while the overall weight of 2.05 kg let this 14-inch models suitable for portable products become more beautiful models use the new machine Acer V5

V5 series while the application of Acer’s full-time online technology, even when the computer goes to sleep, you can still update the contents of the user’s five most visited Web pages through the IE browser, and can automatically update users through Microsoft’s Outlook e- The adapter comes with the official mail can achieve Ethernet port and VGA port role

In the hardware configuration, V5 series is currently listed with a second-generation Intel Core processor,michael kors duffle bag and featuring the NVIDIA GT620M graphics card, graphics performance to meet user requirements. Aircraft in the light as much as possible to ensure that the premise of the design, specification also built 9mm slim DVD burner, while the Ethernet port and VGA interface can be supplied by the official adapter can be achieved, can be said on the basis of the light yet practical.