Taizhou court case by transnational trafficking of women, five criminals convicted of

Correspondent Zhang Ruying reporter Li Pan

Foreign brides, exotic romance, Michael Kors Bags Uk Online Websiteoften introducing unlimited romantic reverie. However, there is a transnational marriage is unlawful Yesterday, reporters from Taizhou Xianju County People’s Court heard that the hospital just a public hearing of the case together with the cross-border trafficking of women, and four by a local member Yunnan criminal gangs trafficked from Vietnam to the 7 Vietnamese brides, as a Miao sister sold to the local left older men, involving more than 30 million. These five people were sentenced to six years in Xianju court to prison terms ranging from 12 years, four of them in more than 10 years this year, sentencing 45-year-old gang 蒋某某 is the only one of Xianju native, the other four are in Yunnan Provincial Qiubei County in 2010, Jiang Moumou in Linhai Yunnan Lee met and began living together. They returned after Xianju, micheal kors bagsthat Jiang Moumou Yunnan to find a boyfriend, a number of local older men left to Lee asking to spend money, Yunnan bride route There is a demand market. They think this is a good business Soon, Lee returned to Yunnan, found his uncle three Moumou, and Yunnan, and the other two to catch the line. In this way, they formed a gang. Lee’s three-uncle, who identify the object in Yunnan, 蒋某某 in Xianju to find a buyer in September 2011, with a 蒋某某 and Lee Wang Xianju older man went straight to Yunnan, other three will arrange them into a local Miao Women Wang quickly picked up the girl phase of a 20-year-old girl a little black skin, big eyes, wide forehead a bit, looking at some exotic Wang tried to communicate in Mandarin and girls, but Jiang Moumou, who told him that the girl is the Hmong people, did not go to school, do not speak Mandarin girl’s parents also told Wang that her daughter never married, After some Hmong people really talk to bargain, Wang will be 38,000 yuan last gift to the girls’ parents. Wang also in accordance with local customs, bought two chickens do a banquet table, be officially married man hand. Before leaving Yunnan, Wang also gave additional 蒋某某 others hard costs 10,000 yuan after Wang, 蒋某某 others in the same form repeatedly led Xianju man to Yunnan election wife, and prices ranging from 30,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan, by way of sale of fake marriages to seven men Xianju fact, Jiang Moumou mouth Yunnan bride is that they trafficked Vietnamese women, including the Miao Village Lane Women are their parents leave to find someone to play. They do so, one can deceive the public, and secondly, you can let the buyer do not have too many concerns. In fact, some buyers even later learned the truth, the general willing to accept 蒋某某 others through these seven transnational marriages illegal profits of more than $ 300,000, they allocate money according to how much to contribute, I thought that someone else introduced his wife, did not expect such a heavy sin. In court, Jiang Moumou extremely remorseful after hearing the verdict.

April 25th, 2015

200 million people or a monopoly


Information Times (reporter Chen steel) October 5 evening, the China Welfare Lottery color ball game for the first 14,115 lottery, current burst of color ball 107 Note first prize, a single injection of prize money of more than 5.2 million yuan, of which 101 Note Shanxi monopolize all Taiyuan landed with a site, of which 100 200 yuan note is a single type 100 times the bet in the lottery, 520 million yuan prize, third prize in the history of Chinese lottery, is the first award of the year.michael kors bag sale This is the Shanxi Lottery Following the evening of 9 October 2012 broke the 220 million award, after a lapse of two years before the million grand prize Times reporter yesterday learned from Taiyuan Welfare Centre, in the 101 betting winning note Road 122 is located in Taiyuan City, Taoyuan 491 Fucai betting, 101 note falls on two lottery prize, $ 200 respectively for a single type 100 times the bet and a lottery ticket 56 yuan a double, a single type arrogate 520 million votes, double votes was 5.2 million, and the two winning tickets serial connected, it is possible for one person, and if that is the proceeds of a 101 note first prize, then he would arrogate 525 million yuan grand prize. If not for one person, and this 200 yuan a single type of lottery times the investment owner, also alone in the 100 note first prize, bonus totaling 520 million, is China’s third-prize lottery history. Yesterday afternoon, Taiyuan Welfare Centre staff came to winning site, to help put up the site responsible rainbow arches, posting promotional materials, to celebrate the birth of the grand prize Coincidentally on this day four years ago, Zhumadian of a Lottery with a single type 2 yuan tickets were 50 times the bet, totaling 100 yuan embrace by 258 million grand prize. And that issue of the winning numbers and winning number has a very similar place Coincidentally, in the evening of October 9, two years ago, broke ShuangSeQiu 12119 50 Note first prize, a single injection bonus more than 5.37 million yuan, of which Lottery is from Shanxi, where one person alone in a 41 note first prize, get 220 million yuan grand prize According to statistics, as of last night out of the 520 million grand prize, the prize in the Welfare color ball billion standings ranked third, but also the Chinese city of highest lottery prize record this year. Currently ranked in the first grand prize of color ball is still June 12,Michael Kors Bag Sale Outlet 2012 by the Beijing Lottery gains of 570 million, came in second in Shaoxing, Zhejiang is obtained 565 million grand prize.

1, Daqing Ma Liang with 62.67 tons of crude oil theft gang, Zhang Xiaohong (probation) by contacting sales to Harbin Geng Yan, Tao Geng place. Geng Yan sales to Panjin 2800 tons, contains 62.67 tons, corresponding to the number of its superfluous part of the crime, since it is single-handedly received stolen goods, should not be difficult to find out where to purchase, is the investigating authorities deliberately cover up the theft? Or work negligence flawed? Or there are legitimate part? 2, the Court of First Instance found the illegal acquisition of Panjin Daqing Petrochemical 25,000 tons of crude oil, including 2800 tons Geng Yan, Tang Haijun 600 tons, which is where the excess part of the people, where the acquisition? Where is the evidence of public security and public prosecutor in? If according to Nakano internal account to identify the name of residue actually subjective, there is no corresponding upstream verified seller, how to determine the law? Name for the kind of residue no longer exists, how can we make sure it is not a residue? Panjin Petrochemical unrecorded small ticket of solvent oil, catalytic material …… alone no seller’s small ticket and presumed illegal acquisition, would not absurd. Finalized standards required by law: the facts are clear, there is ample evidence could not condemnation, unfortunately, is where companies buy, what to buy, do not advance to the Daqing Public Security referrals, reporting. The lack of a serious breach of the first instance verdict, two high evidence, the fact that innocent unclear requirements adopted by the Court of First Instance of Daqing Oil Company Institute’s carbon analysis check list, the test unit did not Forensic qualification, should make effective use of evidence. Also Daqing public security organs in the oil field chemical forcibly taken away for the planned targets oil Liaohe Oilfield, with live audio and video recording. Have provided the first trial, the second instance court, the public security organs do not follow legal procedures, forcibly taken away 3200 tons of crude oil legitimate urge Meditate court of second instance, according to a just disposition three, Daqing Xing Yi audited report trial court should not be adopted. 1, 78-79 page report clearly marked less accurate and does not assume legal responsibility. 2, in the report, according to an internal account in the wild is completely wrong conclusion. The internal account no drip Daqing crude oil and illegal acquisition of raw materials, and can withstand any audit and inspection department four, the first instance court found Lee Wei Hongyi investment point of oil, some of the officers in charge of wages by Wei Hongyi. I ask, where is the evidence Wei Hongyi investment? Which part of salaries by Wei Hongyi responsible? The fact is that the point of the oil-June 2011 Yong rented 王树立 site (former chemical plant in Panjin Blue Shield), there is no relationship between 魏红义. Evidence had been submitted to the court of second instance, please Meditate. About longwall assigned by Wei Hongyi point for the director of the oil is purely framed. Oils point Zhang Dayong, Hu Renfeng, who can attest to, Heilongjiang sell oil side Qiu, with spring and, Lvgui Xiang and other people have also proved their longwall working in the Second Artillery Corps, and sometimes this for a while, no matter what specific thing. Please note that the second trial judge was arrested when longwall first record, longwall police have a clear answer, He is not the director, the director surnamed Tang. As for the later longwall also admitted he was deputy director in charge of the fire, security, it goes without saying is tempted by the police, confessions actions. In order to reach the public security organs of the Panjin Petrochemical and oil spots Lee, Yong 魏红义 and strung a piece of the true purpose of the false cases do Nakano chemical operations, internal debt, external debt withstand any audit department. Court of second instance can also be commissioned retrial. The non-drip Daqing crude oil trading account. Liu Xiaoyan cashier duties, just to money saved, company employees do by Wei Hongyi Assignment is right and proper. If she deposit or withdraw money which pen illegal evidence, the prosecutor asked the public security and Daqing could get out of it? Even if only a sum? Liu Xiaoyan multiple copies of transcripts without the last part of the lie, she usually just normal work. Heaven tolerate this injustice, deputy director Li Yansong Panjin Petrochemical laboratory, the workshop male sampler of three, twenty-two female laboratory technician, deputy director of a male and two female workers in three liner down, each with a group of three deputy director responsible for technical guidance, work supervision. Li Yansong receive normal wage jobs of the company, its poor family, his mother and sister by the government guaranteeing deaf. Court of First Instance sentenced him to disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime, the crime of the proceeds of crime and fined seven million yuan. Public Security and the Court of First Instance of the President Choi are seen to his house, Cui line judge even said, really too poor. Please see the truth behind the second trial judge, will not participate in the management of any person convicted of direct responsibility in what? How about proceeds of crime?

When 魏红义 trial prosecutor Wang Zhijun said at last: partnership or trading relationship is the key case can be understood as a partnership would constitute a crime, trading relationship is another matter it? Prosecutor and pronounced its verdict Panjin Petrochemical and Yong’s partnership There are three points:

1, co-operation and the preparatory group meeting minutes. Minutes is just the public security organs have offered a word of paper, there is no record of people, nor signed and sealed before the law as well as serious legal effect it? Time is in October 2010, I was not acquainted with Yong. All members of the preparatory group and no one knows the existence of the group, no one attended the meeting, investigators were unable to rule out the false cases really do and frame-up 2, the prosecutor said:. Crude oil is not allowed if the person or entity trading Yong the seller, nor do they need to set up the group, nor do they need to play eight million Wei Hongyi. This said simply ignorant to the extreme, an ignorant, how can the prosecutor and the judge hearing the case to review and impartial? Panjin Petrochemical national quota is 68,000 tons per year of crude oil. After the liberalization of the oil market, many foreign oil sales to the Chinese market. Also China is also the place of private equity field, such as the extension of oil Yan’an and Inner Mongolia (headquartered in Xi’an), the output of crude oil in the market. Major state-owned oil fields also have a floor, clean up, clean the oil tank to the market, Daqing Oilfield is no exception. Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department has issued licenses are still raking use, you can go to investigate ah! Too ignorant of it! Even if the prosecutor Wang Zhijun said, recycling, once someone selling illegal, but also with theft are different. As a legal person to define good: legal significance violations, illegal and criminal 3, about 8 million Yong play money, I let the accounting to the bank check, of which 400 million were Yong friend bought diesel models. michael kors bags ukAnother 4 million was borrowed loans from banks Yong. According to bank money must hit the sell oil manufacturers, why not judge another reason: If you cooperate, why does not directly deal more needs to go over hand, Panjin Petrochemical call the money men Yong Feng Yufeng , not afraid of empty lift prices, the middle seam it?. As a legal person should know that with imagination, reasoning on the parties to make the presumption of guilt is taboo. Is the international and domestic implementation of the Conflict in Daqing is the road to ruin it?

General Secretary Xi Jinping request: trying to make the people in every judicial case have felt justice will never allow the abuse of power against the people’s interests, and never allow law violation, resulting in miscarriages of justice..

Supreme People’s Court Zhou said: millionth wrong case, the parties concerned, is absolutely unfair, pink michael kors bagShen Yong, executive vice president of the Supreme Court said: The criminal trial of life or death, a matter of honorary citizenship, property, freedom Until life, a matter of national security and social stability, according to law in a public trial, to prevent miscarriages of justice that we must adhere to the bottom line. miscarriages of justice a reality by sitting, the court faced almost universal condemnation, then any explanation and description are pale , useless. rather misplaced, nor miscarriage of justice, wrongful convictions of an innocent citizen, days fall down. If you give up the principle of miscarriages of justice, once cast, no one can they save us …… Dear second instance court and Judge sincere hope that you are not any right to intervene, exercise judicial power independently. Based on the facts and the law as the criterion, according to a fair and impartial trial, 5

The Chinese workers can only derive revenue $ 8, only about 1.6% of the price of the obvious, the iPad profits cake cut allocation, as the ratio of the share of Chinese production base of pitiful.michael kors crossbody bag No wonder the Chinese people generally feel injustice. However, in the face of the objective laws of the market, simply complain certainly not solve any problems, we urgently need to understand the crux of the phenomena which can not help but let us think of the smile curve (Smiling Curve). Smile curve is the inventor of the Acer Group founder Stan Shih. In 1992, Mr. Shi to re-Acer, made famous smile curve theory, as the policy direction of the Acer. The shape of the curve is a parabola opening up, the shape of smiling lips. Entire curve symbolizes a chain, both ends of the curve upwardly extending high value-added areas left representatives of design and development, sales and service representatives on the right, while in the middle of the curve at the bottom of the assembly manufacturing sector is the region with the lowest value According to this theory, we can understand why the Chinese workers in the iPad’s profits cake there will be so embarrassed into why the developed countries will be keen to set up processing base in China and other developing countries?

Learn not to seek psychological balance and self-comfort, but to have a goal to change. Chairman of the Board and President of BYD Company Limited Wang once lamented, Chinese enterprises only learned how to organize workers, but have not learned how to organize the engineers, it can only make a living in the manufacturing of the most desolate areas. His words can be described as an economic development zone in the phrase to look around the country, the industrial park, hard,michael kors crossbody bags respectfully introduce foreign companies, there are not a few labor-intensive foundry? In the bottom of the smile curve rely on running volume to earn a meager profit disproportionate presence of labor-intensive processing enterprises, hierarchical manner to increase the employment needs of the rank and low-tech workers, forming a demand greater than for the illusion of labor demand, inevitably vocational education in China, especially in vocational education school location mislead, and to allow people to employment-oriented mission to produce cognitive bias, neglect of students Career Development, lifelong development of education, vocational produce contrary to the laws of shallow, fickle, lack of vocational education in this vicious cycle, vocational school graduates and migrant workers due to disdain equal pay, unwilling low employment, which appears structural difficult job. In addition, because many vocational school after graduation, and migrant workers, equal pay so popular in the community, the vocational school on a not-like True development, vocational education is inseparable from the economic strength of the support, and economic development of the predicament need to break through the scientific development of vocational education, the two interdependent inseparable. In recent years, local industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the work carried out in full swing, the regional industrial structure adjustment will inevitably bring about changes in the field of employment, and upgrading industrial structure of employment will lead to changes in these two changes will have a fundamental impact on the development of vocational education, and encourages us to consider the positioning of vocational education personnel training at the strategic level. Efforts to make vocational education in professional settings to the ends of the smile curve extension, focus on cultivating good at product development, technology incubators and brand maintenance, professional marketing class to the business needs in tune with the industrial layout consistent, reducing labor-intensive foundry dependence, domestic labor in the smile curve of each section of a reasonable job, $ 8 and cake really shocking, hope that all parties strive to be found from this embarrassing opportunity to change the status quo, and the starting point. Perhaps, the development of vocational education is one of the starting point.

In the same period, Fujian achieve GDP24055.76 billion, according to the number of the province’s total population of 37.74 million, equivalent to $ 10,376 per capita GDP, per capita $ 10,000 equally to break the threshold of eight provinces, China is already the fourth level of all provinces . From 2008 Shanghai for the first time to break through this threshold, the eight members today, China took seven years. You can see that in entering the club of the eight provinces, in addition to Inner Mongolia, are all economically developed coastal areas in the field of statistics, the per capita GDP reached $ 10,000 is an important watershed, generally come said, marking the overall economic and social development level of moderately developed countries. 2013, a total of 65 countries and regions of the world to reach the level of per capita GDP1 million dollars, mostly belonging to the State Information Center Fan Jianping, chief economist of the developed countries and regions [microblogging] In an interview with this reporter, said, in fact, both GDP total and per capita GDP, are just one economic indicator, can not encompass and explain all economic phenomena. China is now the world’s second economic portrait, but on average per capita, in the world can only be discharged after more than 80. Therefore, China is still a developing country, but some regions develop more forward. Meanwhile, in the absence of domestic provinces between population mobility Customs, inter-regional large, so the calculation of the gross regional product, itself may the phenomenon of double counting, so regional GDP calculation is not necessarily scientific, to correctly deal with and understanding. said Fan Jianping, in fact, in many countries and regions in the world, per capita GDP crossed the $ 10,000 mark, this would optimization means the economic and social balance.micheal kors bags Such as South Korea, Japan, on reaching this standard, the country’s industrial upgrading, income distribution and social security, public services have reached a high level to get along with this standard, China’s $ 10,000 club really there is a gap. For example, Guangdong, under the overall high level of development, internal development is not balanced. Back in 2010, the per capita GDP of the Pearl River Delta region to more than $ 10,000, but by 2014, per capita GDP in eastern Guangdong and other regions of the Northwest has not reached the national average, far behind the level of $ 10,000. At the same time, so that people feel being average is that the per capita GDP up, but the income does not reach the residents seem to match the criteria. For example, per capita GDP is higher than Beijing, Tianjin, Tianjin, but the residents’ disposable income is lower than Beijing data show that in developed countries, per capita incomes are generally accounted for 55 percent of GDP, but in many parts of China are less than 40%. In Guangdong, in 2014, income per capita is 40% of GDP, while in Fujian, the proportion is only 37%. Experts point out that it and China’s current economic growth is mainly driven by investment-related, there is no real transition to consumer-driven, innovation-driven, and therefore did not fully benefit of the people, said Fan Jianping, this paradox in itself is not a description of per capita GDP can be explained All indicators of economic phenomena, not necessarily, and social welfare, the balance of the income distribution, high per capita GDP in developed regions, can not conceal the reality of China’s regional development imbalances. And this from another perspective, that our economic restructuring, industrial restructuring,michael kors bags cheap social justice and other undertakings there is still much room for improvement. In the final analysis, the inspection of a place, the people have the final say. They feel the most urgent What is? First, the income, the second is the environment. So we really need to do now is to make the economy more advanced forms, more complex division of labor, the structure is more reasonable and less nurturing energy, higher technological level of the industry, while on income distribution and environmental protection practical livelihood efforts. Mr Fan said.

Original title: What to eat after the most sober drunk man

In addition to the above three hangover can eat food, some tips can help you avoid a drunken embarrassment not fasting drink, otherwise, alcohol is easily absorbed in the stomach, leading to drunkenness. Recommend drinking before eating foods rich in starch and protein foods such as pastries, bread, eggs, milk, etc., they can reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of alcohol,michael kors baby bag reducing the chance of two drunken happen if dizziness, nausea, and you can use half a cabbage After heart shredded, mixed with a small amount of sugar and vinegar to eat, this method can quickly hangover; you can drink celery juice, chopped celery juice after every five minutes once drinking, drink three times a sense of dizziness brain up to 3 will immediately relieve let drunk supine rest to avoid hypoxia or inhalation of vomit trachea, causing suffocation; in the event of aspiration, to take away the pillow immediately, michael kors bag salewill head to one side, shot back suction exhaust; nausea severe vomiting and can not on their own, you can drink the water or vinegar and water, using chopsticks to stimulate its throat to induce vomiting; if drunk appear lethargy, clammy skin, convulsions, coma and other symptoms, should be sent immediately to hospital wine is good, but not to drink. For their own health, although beneficial to drink fun entertainment, but health can not be ignored.

Mainland actress Fan Bingbing had to shoot a lot of passion play, and Fan Bingbing also confess, shot himself in the passion play when there will be physiological responses, but also to each other as Edison, Daniel kind of sportsman. Movie fuse,michael kors crossbody bag the director arranged Fan Bingbing and Louis Koo’s passion play cushion men and masculine tense drama, film, Fan Bingbing kiss a few shots, albeit superficial, but Richie and romantic and warm romantic comedy starring Fan Bingbing Contract Lover, the script is no kiss, but at the time of the shooting, Alfred will last shot temporary set to kissing. Alfred joked: Richie was very good, often invited us to dinner, michael kors baby bagand finally I send a gift to him that kiss we only used a camera filming is complete, then the presence of 6,7 Richie fans are. hesitation, Fan Bingbing’s manager who is also very strange: It had no script, and what was taken out of interest a lot of people watching, we will block the use reflectors they know in kissing scenes inside, on the outside can not see anxious. After finished filming Richie gave me a watch, perhaps to thank me.

Many pregnant women will be asked: I love to drink wine lover weekdays,michael kors duffle bag this will not affect the child’s growth and development?michael kors bags outlet As well as pregnant women estimated time based ovulation period, found that there is a period of days, their own just had a drink, the children’s health will not be affected? In fact, a small amount of alcohol will not affect the pregnancy a US study of 66 alcoholic men found that drinking 160 ml of alcohol per day (alcohol concentration of 40P%), michael kors bag saleand lasted three months or more, it will lose hormone balance, will produce sperm damage. Compared with non-drinkers or occasional small amount of alcohol male alcoholics gonadotropin body will rise, androgen decline, their sperm concentration, sperm motility, and normal morphology density significantly decreased the proportion will seriously affect sperm quality and Women chances of pregnancy. But the study did not find a husband or drinking small amounts of alcohol over 48 hours, have a negative effect on sperm, egg and embryo formation. On the contrary, some medical studies have shown that small amounts of alcohol can regulate male sexual behavior, such as increasing the degree of congestion of the penis, prolonged erection, delay ejaculation, increase semen secretion, which may be beneficial for pregnant women are present, the medical profession for the female drinking affect fetus , no final conclusion, and even some argument that drinking a small amount of red wine is good for the baby. But more consistent view is that in the early stages of pregnancy, ie before 12 weeks of pregnancy should avoid alcohol, reduce the stimulation of the fetus should be emphasized that the impact on child health, primary and reproductive genetics characteristics of both spouses, as well as After his wife is infected early in pregnancy or teratogenic drug-related applications. Therefore, the wife does not have to worry too much about a small amount of alcohol problems, as long as before pregnancy with her husband accepted a comprehensive examination,pink michael kors bag to establish good habits on it.

In China, people used to call it the centenarians’ centenarians. Should someone be able to have a good health and longevity of centenarians, it can be said to have the envy of others, priceless. Recently, the reporter went to the Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, China Everbright Dongfeng Village community, visited live here Longevity Star, a 101-year-old centenarian EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Everbright mention the community, it can be said that no one know almost nothing in the community who knows all. My old mother mouth sweetheart good to see who had all like to greet others. Although the ears back, but she was particularly clever, look at each other mouth chat, fluent no problem! My daughter EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT elderly Wang Chunmei, this year has been 68 years old . As an old retired teacher, Wang Chunmei heart, to provide a comfortable old mother pension environment not only their responsibilities and obligations, but also a best way for future generations EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT words and deeds of the old home, Reporter found that there are large tracts close to the wall of photos.michael kors duffle bag In addition to a few big family portrait, most of the elderly and other people’s photo. Photo elderly or sitting or standing, gray hair and iconic smile is like a star in his own fans and posed These are old mother before and during a walk out to others in the district and her photo. Wang Chunmei, told reporters that the district where people respect her, who met will say, ‘This lady lucky, live such a great age of the body still so tough!’ Wang Chunmei, pointing to a photograph while talking to reporters about This is over 100 years old when her birthday, a neighbor with her photo, saying it must be complacent old birthday festivity.

The old mother before the age of 91 are in turn live in my house a few brothers, and later the old father died, I put me here she received. According to Wang Chunmei, this year is to take care of the tenth year old mother. In my old mother also develop a ‘bad habit’ – drinking Originally, the old father died before old mother is never to drink, in her view, women should not drink. Since his wife died, the elderly has not been a very good mood, once the old man accidentally drank a small handless winecup liquor, Wang Chunmei old mother was found drunk and not only did the people ruddy more spirits. Since then, almost every meal for the elderly should drink a small cup of wine before they agree to eat medicinal liquor, drink some no harm to the body, but also for the old mother is concerned, maybe this is her father’s miss One way of it. Wang Chunmei to reporters calculations, every six days to count bottle of liquor, is 61 bottles a year, down nine years old has unwittingly drank 549 bottles of liquor in the old man’s home, Reporter miraculously found inside the house, but not everywhere mystery. A child of arm thickness, forty-five m length of the stick is a soft velvet cloth wrapped tightly wound, along with access to their families, while being vertically diagonal, while they were resting on the bedroom door and bathroom door elderly connected to the What is this? the reporter’s face full of doubt, Wang Chunmei were answered with a smile, old mother older, although very healthy, but she is too young wrapped feet, ataxia when we afraid of her in the house in the fall, and on the home designed this ‘armrest’. While talking back Reporter Wang Chunmei presentations, ‘armrest’ have crucified, there can be active. Like in her bedroom Flanagan is crucified, She went to the bathroom directly from the bed leaning ‘armrest’ you can out of the bedroom door. This is usually the root of the activity will take on the connecting bathroom door, if she wanted to be able to change the direction of the kitchen.

Moreover, in this three-bedroom house, the reporter found dozens of pieces of different sizes in the mirror. We installed the mirror is to matter so much where the old mother, we can see, the same as a small monitor. Mirror image refraction allows Wang Chunmei see old mother of activities anytime, anywhere. To protect the security of the elderly, Wang Chunmei and loved almost brains in my house except ‘armrest’ more, mirrors and more, there are also many bed. Wang Chunmei proudly told reporters, These seemingly sofa, in fact, opened all beds, including the balcony this is the bed. follow the footsteps of Wang Chunmei, a reporter for the house design marvel old favorite is home mom bustling grandchildren when more than one person to become a place to live the problem, where my wife and I’ll be able to take advantage of the use of gave up. This reporter saw Wang Chunmei even the smallest bedroom into a Chase shop from the old mother took it, I began to write her diary.michael kors crossbody bags not for anything else, and I want to leave to future generations a mother’s memories about. Reporters simply look at the contents of some of the diary, the diary records the process Wang Chunmei her mother’s care, mother some interesting weekdays, there are Some mothers take care of their own on the lessons learned, the mother in this life does not greedy lazy, charity. In her memory, the old man very good mother. When I was begging someone to your door, even when every household difficulties have to do nothing to boil, the mother still will scoop a small bowl of rice to the beggars. ‘Begging to go to the door is not easy’, in the mother’s mind, if not after all, do not be too sad begging such a thing, so even hard to have to help one of their own.

Mother Zuitian heart wide, not forgetting Thanksgiving. Wang Chunmei told reporters talked about it, every diner, thanked the old mother would give her service waiter, who was born not because she felt people should wait. Thank you, thank you ‘all the time, so that the mother, while the harvest of good karma, it is education of future generations to learn the importance of gratitude, the mother can live longer, filial piety harmony is very important. Said a drop of milk ten drops of blood, the mother’s parenting Well deeply rooted in the hearts of Wang Chunmei, she is now doing everything just reward, but also want to teach future generations to respect and care for the old. Offspring not only to explain in words but also to teach by example, I once gave old mother to wipe your feet, be my little grandson saw, and he would say, ‘You are too grandma grandma nanny, if your mother is your old nanny, I was the last of our family nanny ‘. recall the words of Wang Chunmei grandson still conceal his happy smile.

68-year-old Lee uncle began 16 years working at the winery, every pound of white wine base, a drink that is 52 years …… rough calculation, the total capacity of 9 tons and a half as much wine. The results did not drink bad liver and stomach, the nose has become rosacea, walking to and fro, blocking was that he could not breathe November 5, pink michael kors bagthe reporter in China Medical University Shengjing Hospital after Lee saw Grandpa, Where I go, big nose will lead to many eyes.

The reason to bring sick, the elderly, embarrassed. Rosacea is chanting drink alcohol. michael kors crossbody bagIt turned out that he started 16 years old to work in winemaking. Playing time, he fell in love with the drink, at least a pound a day, up to drink pounds. Because drink, wine factory elect him as head, responsible for wine tasting, wine full height, the minimum of 65 degrees, the result of drink and drink and drink out of the herd rosacea. Start small nose, in addition to a little red did not can be gradually developed into the nose from the package, and then later deformation, now like a big red meatballs sick too long, nasal cartilage deformation of the elderly, the lesion and surrounding tissue boundaries unclear. To not affect the appearance, experts will his right thigh skin grafts at the nose, and re-re-shaping the entire operation lasted four hours is responsible for the operation of CAO Zhi-wei Lee uncle, deputy director, said such a big one like rosacea, in the country very rare. However, like his other organs without any problems still rare, he belongs to alcohol atopy it. (Reporter Li Jing).